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Surviving on the Borderline is a mental health and lifestyle blog, written by Patti McDonald.

It was 2008. I was only twenty years old and I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. I was in my second semester of college and instead of feeling hopeful for the future, I felt like I had been given a death sentence. I read stigmatizing and negative articles online after my diagnosis. Therapists told me that BPD patients “don’t recover or get better.”

I felt alone. I tried ended my life multiple times. What was the point in living if I had been diagnosed with an illness no one recovers from?

It wasn’t until I educated myself and got into therapy that I realized the articles I read and therapists I spoke to were flat out wrong.

Nine years later, I realize that I am just like the 450 million people world-wide who, like me, live with a mental illness. My specific condition of BPD does not make it impossible for me to recover. I am still here today. I have survived; I am surviving.

Those articles are purely opinion based and those therapists should lose their licenses to practice.

Anyone who puts in the effort and work can improve their life.

I started “Surviving on the Borderline” to share my story and break the stigma surrounding BPD. I have lived with one of the most stigmatized mental illnesses there is. There is a plethora of misinformation online and plenty of differing “opinions” on BPD. I know the facts because I live with this condition. And, I am living proof that someone can recover from this diagnosis and live a life worth living.

I don’t want anyone to feel as lonely as I felt after being diagnosed. There is no reason not to have hope after a BPD diagnosis.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy has saved my life. DBT has taught me valuable skills to manage my intense emotions. Am I all cured of my depression, anxiety, and intense emotions? No. But, these skills have helped me retrain my brain to help me react differently. These skills have helped me create a life worth living.

I still have a long way to go. I always look at ways I can improve myself. And, I am here to tell you that regardless of what mental illness you have, you my friend, can get better and enjoy your life. Your intense emotions won’t last forever.

I created this blog to help educate others about BPD. I also blog often about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, and other things going on in my personal life.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog and learn something new. Together, we can end the stigma surrounding BPD and other mental illnesses.

We are not alone ❤



My name is Patti and I was born in the Midwest, but now I reside in the Sunshine State. I live with my Chihuahua, Stevie, who is literally the best cuddle buddy on the planet, other than my boyfriend of course. I work as an online ESL teacher and spend a lot of time at the beach.

As a Mass Communications graduate and former television reporter, I enjoy telling other people’s stories. But, I now feel compelled to tell my own. I have lived with a major mental illness for close to a decade and at times I have felt isolated and alone on my journey. I have read damaging and negative articles that say people with Borderline Personality Disorder cannot live productive lives.

It is time for me to speak up.

I hope I can help people gain some insight on BPD and mental health in general. Together, we can #endthestigma.

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